Our Aim

The aim of Sleeping Bags For Homelessness (SBFH) is to provide a new sub-zero temperature sleeping bag for every person experiencing homelessness and sleeping rough on the streets of Melbourne.

Sleeping bags can be literal lifesavers during freezing cold nights. Every year people living on the streets die from exposure to the cold. This is unacceptable. For as little as $30 each, a new sleeping bag can be purchased and delivered to the streets, directly to someone who might otherwise have nothing.

Formerly Blanket Melbourne, Sleeping Bags For Homelessness recognises the barriers faced by those living rough on the streets and aims to assist people to find not only sleeping bags, but also warmth, comfort, food, and friendship. Sadly we can't provide homes but we can help someone survive a harsh winter by making sure they have access to a warm clean sleeping bag every night.

How Can You Help: For as little as $30 per year you can provide a warm, life-saving sleeping bag for a person experiencing homelessness. Simply jump online to any store (eBay, Target, Kmart etc), select a sleeping bag and have it sent directly to us at our warehouse. From there we will deliver it straight only to people sleeping rough to help make sure they're safe, warm and protected from the elements. Perhaps do a quick whip around at work or at your local sporting group or club and see if others would like to chip in and help our homeless be a little more comfortable this winter.

Alternately you can make a tax-deductible financial donation to our organisation and we can purchase the sleeping bag for you. This way you get a tax deduction, no GST is paid on the sleeping bag (We're a charity so GST exempt) and no money is spent on delivery costs. Please note our details for financial donations below.

What type of sleeping bag should I buy? : Melbourne gets freezing in winter, so a sub-zero graded sleeping bag is best. If you can also get a hooded bag, that would be amazing!