Frequently Asked Questions

Can I offer a used sleeping bag?
Unfortunately because of how quickly sleeping bags can wear down and how sturdy they need to be to help a person survive a full winter outside we can only offer new sleeping bags to people on the streets. Another thing to consider is that having something new, unused and just for them is something that very rarely happens when you're homeless. A gift of a new sleeping bag can lift someones spirits just when they need it the most.


Can I donate a blanket?

Yes! But not to us, unfortunately. We mainly look after people sleeping rough, and blankets can be very cumbersome, heavy and hard to carry. People on the streets have to take everything with them when they're moving fro place to place. Sleeping bags are easily rolled and easy to carry in their bag. Blankets are usually much heavier and much harder to move around with. We've spoken to people sleeping rough and the general consensus is that they much prefer sleeping bags for a variery of reasons. You can however donate a blanket to places like The Salvation Army or St Vinent De Paul.

Do you take clothing and shoes?

No. These items require specialist handling, collection, storage and distribution which we're not experts in. Clothing is very specialised and distribution can be tricky. There are some great organisations like Anonymous X and Thryft Shop in St Kilda who do take clothing and would happy accept your donations.

Can I come with you to hand out the sleeping bags?

Perhaps! We do regular street walks to give out the bags. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page to see how to join in the walk.

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